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Hot for this tranny

h1 Monday, June 27th, 2011

I found this hot Tranny who I have been watching online for a long time. She is so hot and sexy. Always horny. Always does what I want. She has made me cum all the time. Her hot body doesn’t quit!! I wanted to share her with all of my visitors. If you like trannies you’ll love her! Her name is Hannah.

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My Transsexual Experience

h1 Monday, August 29th, 2005

When I was 25 I started to talk to this woman in a chat room on the Internet. We talked for a couple of weeks and she told me she was a transsexual. She didn’t have her operation yet so she still had all her equipment. She had her operation now and I had sex with her but I will post about that experience later. We started to become good friends and was willing to meet up for some fun! Ever since I knew about transsexuals I was always interested in them. I am not afraid of any sexual adventure that I might have. I wouldn’t have sex with a man but the thought of a woman with a cock just was intriguing to me.

She actually was making some money as a webcam girl. She showed me some shows and some free ones as well. Well we met up at my place after a month of talking. She was beautiful. Long blond hair and a body that could kill. If you looked long enough you could probably see a little bit of a masculinity in her face. But with her makeup she was a complete woman to me. She had really nice breasts just like a normal woman. I do like nice looking asses and she had a tight bubble ass. Perfect for some pounding. We started to kiss and feel each other up. I played with her lovely breasts and sucked on her nipples. It was a really interesting experience when I was sucking on her breasts and put my hand down to her crotch. Her cock was rock hard. This was really getting me horny. I started to stroke her cock and she started to stoke mine as well. We both were in complete passion by then. I turned her around and started to pound her ass. It was such a nice ass to pound and she loved it too. That first experience was fantastic and I might write more later.

Welcome To my Blog

h1 Monday, August 1st, 2005

This is my very first post so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is John. I have many fetishes that I fulfill through my sexual life. I thought it would be nice to write about my fetishes and share them with others. I have a variety of fetishes that turns me on. The biggest love of mine is feet. I have a foot fetish and love feet of all kind! It even comes to be a weakness of mine. I always look at feet first rather than breasts of a woman. My girlfriends know exactly how to control me to do what they want by their feet. I also have many other interests. I’ve had sex with fat girls, transsexuals and midgets. I love every experience and all of them are unique to me. Let me be your guide into the fetish world. I’d like to introduce you to some fetishes before I finish.

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