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Pregnant fetish

h1 Friday, February 1st, 2013

I just found out my friend’s girlfriend was pregnant last week. I’ve known them for 10 years. I don’t think my friend wants to get married but she is pressuring him. I’ve always had a thing for her ever since I met her. She has this sexy look and her body is so hot. I saw her recently and she is even sexier pregnant. Didn’t know I would like pregnant ladies but I started to do more searches and found some hot women out there. Check this one out!

I find her very sexy. There are more pictures and videos on this pregnant porn site! You really should check it out. I will be checking it out a lot more and hope I can get some pictures of my friend’s wife more too!

Lactating Fetish

h1 Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

I’ve been getting lot of messages from guys who are into Lactating women. This fetish is enjoyed by males and females in many ways. The males love to suck on breasts anyway and the taste of the milk coming out of a woman’s breast turns them on. The woman gets excited by someone sucking on her breasts. They also enjoy the bigger size of her breasts due to milk producing. Some just like to suck on the breast and get milk that way.

Others enjoy being sprayed by lactating women. There have been some mainstream films which I have seen cater to this type of fetish. On the extreme side of this fetish is where a woman fills up a cup with her milk and drinks it herself or have someone else drink it. I saw a video clip where a woman made cereal with her own milk. It was very exciting to me. I think it also brings back memories of when we were babies. You should really check this new site I found out now! It’s a great place for the lactating fetish lovers out there!

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